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The effectiveness of audiovisual supported education, or multimedia-based education (MBE) is largely influenced by the selection, quality and age of the equipment. With the growth of video assisted learning in our schools comes the need for up-to-date audio visual technology. Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is proud to project manage the 40-site AV upgrade underway with the Irvine Unified School District.

TECHNOLOGIST: You no longer have to be a "victim" of the Construction and Modernization Projects or Processes, YOU NOW HAVE A VOICE!

Our history in Project Management is rich with success stories in support of our clients many and diverse technology specific projects. However, frequently a project’s information technology requirements and initiatives become secondary when placed under the umbrella of building modernization or new broader construction projects. You may have experienced the extensive group of people involved in such projects including; Additional Stakeholders, Facilities Managers, Architects and their team of MEP Engineers, Furniture Designers, 3rd party Project Managers and Construction Managers. That's just to name a few. Typically, there is not a Technology Subject Matter Expert (TSME) in the lot, minus yourself of course. While they are all very well intended, the details when implementing technology systems is often what makes the difference between client centric operational friendly solutions and client upsetting operational nightmares.

While most other technology engineering and project management firms would be terrified by our recent project, the staff at Information Technology Solutions relished the challenge and dug-in.

Recently the Expert Staff at ITS completed a detailed technology capabilities assessment of 10 sites for one of our clients. In order to keep our client up-and-running during the assessment phase,