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2015 06 09 firestop 1 300Each weekday we kiss our children and send them off to school entrusting their care and safety to their educators. During my youth, this meant getting across a busy corner intersection, navigating through the bus stops and autos dropping off students and staff parking lot to, at long last, reach the safety zone of my seat! Now we have adult crossing guards or automated “voice over” verbal commands telling us when to stop and when to walk, dedicated bus lots and one way drop-off lanes along with numerous other physical site improvements. Indeed, over the years our school systems have made many positive changes to ensure a safe environment for all. Sadly, some of these changes were necessitated in direct response to numerous recurring (from both internal and external sources) security threats that have resulted in high profile and tragic outcomes.

2014-04-21-NotCommonCoreReady-200x150Does your District still have old hubs and other obsolete technology installed, causing issues in your network as you prepare for common core? At Information Technology Solutions we can perform full network and infrastructure assessments to determine where the weak points of your network are. These assessments include network electronics, cable plant, connection speeds, bottlenecks, codes and life safety compliance and many other issues.



2014-04-21-DeniceCentraliaBoardMeeting-200x150Recently, Information Technology Solutions was asked to present the findings of the technology assessment to the Centralia Elementary School District Board. Denice Huntington, Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator (shown) provided the overview and fiscal information. The board members were very impressed with the assessment and the presentation and asked many questions of her and Mr. Michael Roark, VP of Technical Operations.



2014-04-21-GoodGuysBadGuys-200x150There are good contractors and there are well.... Those that under bid. In a public bid environment, you may have already been forced to award your project to a sub-par contractor. Let Information Technology Solutions help you project manage them and ensure that code violations like this don't occur!



2014-04-21-RightGenerator-200x150There are a lot of options and requirements when it comes to picking out a generator. If it's for a datacenter and needs to be fully integrated into the DCiM (Data Center Information Management) system, we can help select the correct generator and write the integration plans to ensure that your data center is properly protected, and you get the notifications when there's a power outage.