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ITS will assist in, or be responsible for the collection and technical analysis of bid proposals. Due to the many years of successful experience in the industry, we know the processes and procedures to seek out the most qualified contractors who will deliver a quality product for your project. ITS will assemble groups of high caliber, certified, and licensed contractors to bid your project. We will walk them through the intricacies and requirements of the construction documents to ensure they clearly understand your expectations in terms of quality, aesthetics, level of integration and functionality.

During the period when contractors are assembling their responses, ITS will act as your agent in fielding technical questions. Additionally, we will log and track the request for information (RFIs) for accountability. Clarifications issued during the bid process can become disconnected during the implementation phase; keeping an accurate log of RFIs ensures that your project includes what has been agreed upon.

When the bids are received from the contractors, the ITS staff will perform a technical review of each bid submittal providing a recommendation for selection to you, the client.

Bid Assistance Highlights:

  • Provide RFI Support and Control
  • Bid Review Analysis and Rating
  • Bidder Recommendation
  • Board Support
  • Legal Review Assistance
  • Compose Announcement Advertising
  • Provide Job Walk Support

The Process

  • Solicitation
  • Qualification
  • Selection