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The effectiveness of audiovisual supported education, or multimedia-based education (MBE) is largely influenced by the selection, quality and age of the equipment. With the growth of video assisted learning in our schools comes the need for up-to-date audio visual technology. Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is proud to project manage the 40-site AV upgrade underway with the Irvine Unified School District.

With several new schools either opening in 2013/2014, or currently under design for future construction, it was the perfect time for the District to upgrade their dated AV technology. One of the greatest benefits ITS brings to all of our projects is, we are not just project managers, but IT/AV engineers as well. With the AV project, we have the knowledge and expertise to determine the properly sized audio/video equipment needed based on the true needs of the space and performance criteria. One of the criteria in choosing the proper projector is to understand the level of brightness needed in a particular environment. For example, the needs of classroom projection will be quite different than in an auditorium or multi-purpose room. To ensure that every screen will appear clear and visible, it is important to have a projector with the appropriate ANSI lumen rating best for that environment (ANSI is the American National Standards Institute which has established a standardized procedure for testing projectors for brightness). Factors to take into consideration when choosing ANSI lumen range are: The amount of direct or indirect light in a room, and specifically, light that interferes with the screen effecting how bright a projected image will appear. The more ambient light, the higher the required lumens will be. Another factor in the brightness of an image is how close the projector is to the screen: The closer the projector, the brighter the image will display.

One of the greatest benefits of upgrading IUSD’s current system is the higher lumens the new projectors will offer. The newly installed projectors within IUSD’s schools are in ANSI lumen range of 3200 up to 7000. These high-end projectors display unparalleled image quality and will bring a greater degree of visibility to the students and demonstrate the high quality of this project.

If your organization is considering upgrading their audio visual systems, let ITS guide and direct your project to success. You may have a good plan and a good document, but if not managed properly it can have cost escalation, scope creep and end up going bad. We can design a system to fit your needs and your budget; be responsible for the collection and technical analysis of bid proposals and professionally project manage the entire scope of the work. From “Concept to Completion,” Information Technology Solutions will provide the best in technical support and customer service.