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TECHNOLOGIST: You no longer have to be a "victim" of the Construction and Modernization Projects or Processes, YOU NOW HAVE A VOICE!

Our history in Project Management is rich with success stories in support of our clients many and diverse technology specific projects. However, frequently a project’s information technology requirements and initiatives become secondary when placed under the umbrella of building modernization or new broader construction projects. You may have experienced the extensive group of people involved in such projects including; Additional Stakeholders, Facilities Managers, Architects and their team of MEP Engineers, Furniture Designers, 3rd party Project Managers and Construction Managers. That's just to name a few. Typically, there is not a Technology Subject Matter Expert (TSME) in the lot, minus yourself of course. While they are all very well intended, the details when implementing technology systems is often what makes the difference between client centric operational friendly solutions and client upsetting operational nightmares.

Over the years we have noted certain truths:

  • It isn’t until the new or renovated buildings are nearing completion that IT and technology based systems begin to be installed and brought online. At this point, the project is often budget deficit, or at least challenged, and a sense of urgency to finish the project post haste permeates.
  • The best plans and specifications "will not" protect you when implemented without frequent subject matter expert oversight and involvement.

In order to affect change and promote a better outcome for all parties involved, we sent our Project Managers to the industry leading Project Management Institute for training. We believe it essential to expand our view of the environment, and to strive to better understand the processes and procedures taught and implemented in the Construction Management arena. Information Technology Solutions now has the "keys to the kingdom" called the Project Management Body of Knowledge," or PMBOK as it is lovingly referred to. These “keys” enable us to understand this side of the industry more comprehensively. On our client’s behalf, we are able to fully integrate and translate your needs into their world and language! Now, technology can be integrated into all aspects of the project oversight process and addressed in the five knowledge areas used by construction managers.

If you want to experience being on the inside, and no longer feeling like an outsider, give us a call and we will put our team together with yours. We can make all the difference.