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Current News:

While most other technology engineering and project management firms would be terrified by our recent project, the staff at Information Technology Solutions relished the challenge and dug-in.

In less than seventy-five days, the ITS team resourced, planned and executed a process to develop detailed plans and specifications for twenty-five client sites. Each site was photographed and documented by our experienced field survey teams after hours, allowing our clients to maintain normal operating procedures. Each completed sites assessment was presented to and assimilated by the engineering staff then processed through various design stages and quality assurance checkpoints for the development of:

  • Site Plans
  • Zone Plans
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Rack Details
  • Construction Details
  • Refined and detailed Specifications

Upon completion, the final plan set contained over 200 pages and equal in the detailed specifications.

Stay tuned as this project moves through the Bid Process stages and onto award.

Have a project you need done, don’t wait, call the experts at ITS. We know how to get it done!